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Thanksgiving was awesome.  Anytime I get to spend a day in the middle of the week with Amber and Kaitlyn is a great day.  We had quite the long day yesterday, but it was a really good day, and so I am thankful today for yesterday.

We were up bright and early (ok not so bright, but it was early) to get ready to head to our local Turkey Trot race.  Just like last year, I had signed Kaitlyn up for the one mile Turkey Gobbler before I ran in a longer race (the 5k this year for me).  It was not as cold before the start as last year, and Kaitlyn chose to wear shorts and short sleeve shirt, just like her dad (we are not crazy I tell you).

Overall, 942 runners ran the one mile race.  Kaitlyn finished in 9:55, and like she always does, ran the entire time.  She finished 124th, ahead of 818 other runners.  That is very impressive.

I don’t know who enjoys her running more, me or her.  It is something that the two of us can do together, and something we both enjoy.  She has been asking to run a 5k soon, and we have one in our sights in January.  I am not expecting her to cover all 3.1 miles of that race without stopping, but I will not be surprised if she does.


Turkey Trot

Kaitlyn sure did talk a big game the other day in saying how she was most certainly going to beat me in the one mile Turkey Gobbler today.  She woke up this morning very excited about the race…she absolutely could not wait to leave the house.

We left for the race around 6:30 because parking can be tough and we did not want to walk too far to get to the start line.  Of course it meant we had to sit around for quite some time, but it was well worth it.  It was about 48-50 this morning, and the wind was blowing pretty good, and I had my running buddy and our #1 fan with us.  We met up with the Spragues, the regular crew and then some, and we were ready to race.  Up to the starting gun, Kaitlyn was convinced she was going to beat me to the finish line.

And then we started.  And Kaitlyn promptly fell.  She hopped right up and kept going.  For about a quarter-mile.  And then she fell again.  She was pretty upset by the second fall, which resulted in a nice scrape on her knee (tended to by Dr. Mom when we got home).  From that point on, beating me to the finish was no longer her top priority.  She was more focused on staying upright.  On several occasions, I offered to stop holding her hand so she could pull away, but she continued to refuse.  She now wanted us to tie.  We ran across the finish line holding hands, and while the official results have not been posted, we tied.  I am so proud of how she did not let a few falls make her quit.  I am proud to have crossed the finish line holding her hand.

My day was not done yet, and the 10k was about 20 minutes from starting.  I am happy with how I did overall, especially since it sure seemed to be a mostly uphill course with the wind always in my face.  I am sure that there are communities that put on bigger events, or have courses that are flat, but I will gladly debate with anyone that Tallahassee is among the absolute best running communities around.  Today’s event was wonderful, continuing a trend of awesome races.  Races here are well-run and participation is usually pretty strong.  I am hopeful that Kaitlyn has caught the running bug and will continue to run with me, and that we will eventually run a 5k together, and then a 10k.


Kaitlyn's Art

Kaitlyn's Thanksgiving Jungle

Happy Thanksgiving.  I have come to realize that I have a lot to be thankful for.

I am thankful to my amazing wife and wonderful daughter.  Amber is the most supportive person I know, and Kaitlyn continues to “wow” me every day.

I am thankful to my parents and my brother.  They have always stood by me, even when they thought I was wrong.

I am thankful to our friends.  Jen has always been willing to help with and hang out with Kaitlyn.  The Spragues came into our lives just a our world was about to change, and they have been a blessing to us, and their boys have been a blessing for Kaitlyn.  We are thankful to have Angelica living back in Tallahassee, too.

I am thankful for the Miracle League and all of the volunteers.  More so, I am thankful to Kaitlyn’s #1 buddy Sarah and all of the SPAA members.  They are awesome.

I am thankful that Kaitlyn has taken an interest in running.  She beat me to the finish line in our first race in the spring, but we are having a rematch today at our local Turkey Trot.  I am hopeful that I can provide an update later and brag that I beat her, but I doubt that will happen.  We have a few more races coming up together, starting in January with one at her school, then one in February in conjunction with the Breast Cancer Marathon, and then one in April for Autism Awareness.

I am sure that there is somebody that I left out on here, but rest assured that I am thankful for you, too.


Starting Early


No, not celebrating Thanksgiving.  What has started early is Kaitlyn talking trash to me about our run tomorrow.

She had been awake less than 30 minutes before she got started.  She told me in no uncertain terms that she would be beating me in our run tomorrow.  She will win, I will lose.  (At the risk of sounding like I am ok with that, I know she will beat me to the finish line but I am the one who wins since she is my running buddy).

All was not lost though, because she informed me that while she plans on winning the mile race, she is sure that I will win the “Daddy’s Race.”  I love that she has that confidence in me, but I do not expect a first place finish in my race.  There are way too many fast runners around here to allow that to happen. 

No matter the outcome, I cannot wait for the Turkey Gobbler race tomorrow morning.

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