About the Adventure

I’m Tommy.  My wife Amber and I have a daughter named Kaitlyn.  In early 2011, Kaitlyn was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, and it was like a light went off in our heads that shined on things that were right in front of our faces.

Around the time of Kaitlyn’s diagnosis, I was searching for a way to just get my thoughts and feelings out there, wherever “there” is.  Amber and I felt alone, and at the suggestion of a friend, I began this blog.

Once I got started, it seemed like I had tapped some sort of amazing outlet for what was going on in our lives.  I could share what I was learning about autism and Asperger Syndrome.

We have learned that everyday is a spectacular adventure, hence “Adventures in Aspieland.”  It is my sincere hope that you enjoy reading what I write, and hope that you laugh sometimes, have tears in your eyes sometimes, and get called to action sometimes.  I try to be as open and honest on here as possible, and what you read is real-life in our house.  It is not always pretty, but it is always an adventure.

Comments and suggestions are appreciated and encouraged.

Thank you for reading.


To contact me by email:  tommy@adventuresinaspieland.com



3 responses

  1. Thank you for starting this blog! Although it may be an adventure and sometimes therapeutic for you, it is enlightening, informative and endearing for us readers. http://www.stigmahurtseveryone.info

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. It really is theraputic for me, and educational as well.

      The hardest part about starting it was the rawness of some things. I try to not santize anything because I do not want to give any misconceptions to anyone.

      Thanks for reading!

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