Great Compliments

As parents, one of the things that means the most to Amber and I is when other people take notice of something that Kaitlyn does or how she behaves.  We work hard on a consistent basis trying to teach Kaitlyn life skills and things that will help her now and in the future.

One area where we really focus is on manners.  Our expectation is that Kaitlyn will be polite a vast majority of the time, knowing that by having lofty expectations, she will strive to continue to be better; Kaitlyn’s competitive streak works to our benefit here.

Two times on our recent vacation, once in Gatlinburg and once in Paducah, people specifically commented and complimented Kaitlyn on her manners, even stating that it is rare for them to encounter a child with manners like they had witnessed.  It is baffling to us that at two establishments in two cities would be shocked by a child with good manners.

Amber and I are proud of the manners that Kaitlyn has and continues to work on.  We are happy that she made quite the impression on some folks on our trip.


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