At First Sight

46 days.  You would think it had been 46 years.  Nope, it has been a mere 46 days since Bennett was born, but for Kaitlyn, that meant 46 days without getting to see him and hold him.  She has had to go an agonizing 46 days of almost daily texts from Jen and Facebook updates to get her fix.

Until today that is.  Jen and Bennett are in town this week, and Kaitlyn could not wait to get over to see them.

The family got together tonight at Jen’s parent’s house, and as soon as we walked into the house, Kaitlyn could not wait to get in to see him.  When she did finally see him in person for the first time, the love she had for him grew even more.  She could not wait to get her hands on him, either.  20160612_171007

Kaitlyn must have held him for close to 20 minutes, and she was really reluctant to give anybody else their turn, either.  The smile on her face was huge, too.  When other people were taking their turn, she would trail them a little bit, just keeping an eye on them and watching out for Bennett; she was sort of his own little Secret Service Agent, minus the sunglasses.

Hopefully Kaitlyn will be ok with waiting a little bit before we make our way to North Carolina for a visit.  She has talked at length already about wanting to go up there next summer to help Jen and Ethan with Bennett, and we will just see what happens with that idea.


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