It Starts With A Foundation

dolphin11aFor the last 5 years or so, Kaitlyn has had one goal in mind for what she wanted to be when she grows up: a dolphin trainer.  She hasn’t wavered for even a second, either.  Amber and I encourage her at every turn, because we know that she can do pretty much whatever she puts her mind to.  She has it all planned out already.

You would think that it would take a lot at this point to amaze Amber and I, and you would be right.  We know what Kaitlyn is capable of saying or doing, so we don’t get taken by surprise often.

Tonight was one of those rare times where she amazed us.  Not because of what she said, but because it is amazing that a kid who is not even 10 yet can come up with such a detailed, specific plan.

Kaitlyn wants to start a foundation when she gets older.  She wants to start a foundation that helps injured marine animals and also changes the way that crude oil is transported in an effort to reduce oil spills.  Knowing Kaitlyn, she won’t stop until the foundation is up and running and doing great things.

Changing the world starts with one person determined to make a difference.



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