Meet Rameses!

Words cannot describe Kaitlyn’s reaction when she finally realized what exactly she was holding.

We had the opportunity today to stop by Jen’s parents’ house on our walk today, specifically because Amber and I knew that they had a present especially for Kaitlyn from Jen and Ethan (and Bennett).

From the second Kaitlyn found out Jen was pregnant, she immediately felt connected to Bennett, and she had been looking forward to see if Amber and I have any pictures of him to show her every day (note to Jen and Ethan, send at least one picture per day, please!).  He has been an important part of her life every day, to the point where she is always wanting to buy him things or make him something.  Yeah, there is a connection there for sure.

Back to the present we picked up today.  Amber and I knew what Jen and Ethan had gotten Kaitlyn for her upcoming birthday, and we just could not wait for Kaitlyn to get it.  We knew that she would love it.

20160521_195711Jen and Ethan were thoughtful enough to get her a very special monkey from Build-a-Bear.  Sure, I guess you could say that everything that comes from that shop is special since you build your own stuffed animal,  but this one came with a surprise inside.  When you press its foot, Bennett’s fetal heartbeat plays.  It is amazing!  Once Kaitlyn knew what she was hearing, her eyes got huge.  She loved her present so much.

On our way home, Kaitlyn was trying to figure out what to name her new stuffed animal, and she decided that she would name him after the UNC mascot since he is wearing a UNC shirt and Ethan is a Tar Heel.  Meet the newest addition to Kaitlyn’s collection, and one that is probably her favorite already, Rameses.

Jen and Ethan, Amber and I want you to know how much it means to us that you would give Kaitlyn such an amazing and special present.  Thank you so much for being so thoughtful and making Kaitlyn part of your family.  We can’t wait to see Bennett!



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