A Great Week

If you would have told Amber and I a year ago that Kaitlyn would have a week like she just had, we would have been a tad doubtful.  Not because we don’t believe in her, because Kaitlyn has no bigger supporters in her life than us, it would have been a product of knowing her better than anyone.  We would have undoubtedly supported her and encouraged her and been there for her like we always are, but this week has exceeded even our loftiest of hopes.

IMG952427Kaitlyn’s great week kicked off last Thursday at her 4th grade performance.  Toward the end of each school year, the entire class puts on a performance that they worked hard on for months.  This year, the theme was Rock ‘n Roll, and Kaitlyn earned herself a speaking role.  She was tasked with being part of the dialog introducing “Little Richard.”  We knew that she was going to have a speaking role, and Amber and I were worried before the performance.  We were worried because Kaitlyn is so shy and introverted, and we were worried that she would stumble on her lines or mumble so nobody could understand what she was saying.  None of that happened.  In fact, she crushed her lines, and did an extremely wonderful job.

Over the weekend, she went to her BFF’s birthday party at our local rock gym.  She had gone to one party there in the past, and did a great job, but never in our wildest dreams did we think that she would accomplish the climb that she did.  She made it all the way to the top of the intermediate wall with barely any trouble.  Another huge success!  IMG_2445

The icing on the cake came this past Tuesday.  Last Friday, Kaitlyn brought home from school a notice that she had done really well on a poster she made for class.  The award ceremony was Tuesday, and Amber and I were even happier when we left than we were when we arrived.  Kaitlyn’s Water Conservation poster won 1st place in her class and was Honorable Mention in the citywide competition.

20160517_191716 (1)Amber and I are extremely proud of the progress Kaitlyn continues to make.  We know how difficult it is for her to be confident enough in herself to perform the way she did in front of her class and a cafeteria full of parents and families.  We know how much it meant for her to get to the top of the rock wall.  And we know how proud she is of herself for doing a great job on her poster.  We are happy to be there to support her for each and every milestone that she reaches, and we know that there are so many more to come in the future.





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