He’s Here!

Kaitlyn had been a nervous wreck since yesterday, which was completely understandable.  Amber told her when she picked her up that her big sister Jen went into labor yesterday morning.  Kaitlyn’s immediate reaction justified our decision to not fulfill her request to call the school when we found out (I found out around 11 in the morning, and Kaitlyn would have been unable to concentrate had she known then).

Tigger and RooAs it was, Kaitlyn went between being extremely excited for Jen and worried sick about her all evening and into the night last night; I’m sure she was that way today, but luckily she didn’t have to go to school thanks to “Take Your Child To Work Day.”

Throughout the day, I was fortunate enough to get updates on Jen’s progress from her husband Ethan, and I was hopeful that they would be welcoming their son at some point today.

Jen and Ethan welcomed their son to the world at 5:58pm today, and we could not be happier for them.  Kaitlyn and Amber simultaneously “awed” when Ethan sent us a picture of Jen and their son (they did it again a minute later when Lindsay sent one).

Kaitlyn already feels a bond with Jen and Ethan’s son, and she really cannot wait to be a positive influence on his life the way that Jen has been on hers.

Congratulations again to Jen and Ethan and their new son!


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