The fourth nine weeks is underway, and it feels like just yesterday Kaitlyn was starting 4th grade.  Time sure does fly.

BooksTo kick off the nine weeks, the fourth graders took the STAR reading assessment to gauge where they were at this point of the year.  Kaitlyn came in at an 8.6, meaning her reading level is equivalent to a student who is just past the halfway point of their 8th grade year.  For her block (two teachers) as a whole, the average was 6.6, and the students were in the 84th percentile nationally; Kaitlyn was in the 97th percentile.
Here are the rest of her results, along with what each measurement is:

*Scaled Score:  970, level 5.  The score is based on the difficulty of questions and the number of correct responses.
*Instructional Reading Level:  8.4.  Kaitlyn would be best served by instructional materials prepared at the eighth grade level.
*Estimated Oral Reading Fluency: 190.  Kaitlyn can likely read 190 words per minute correctly on grade level appropriate text.
*Domain Scores (each are on a 100 point scale and measure mastery of skills in each at a fourth grade level):  Language (Vocabulary Acquisition and Use):99; Informational Text:  Key Ideas and Details-99Craft and Structure-98Integration of Knowledge and Ideas-97Range of Reading Level of Text Complexity-99; Literature: Key Ideas and Details-99 Craft and Structure- 99 Range of Reading and Level of Text Complexity- 99.

For the nine weeks, her AR goal was set at 19 points, which should not be too much trouble for her.

To be honest, none of the scores that Kaitlyn brought home surprised Amber and I one bit.  We are proud of her continued success and development, but more importantly, we are happy that she is driven enough to reach the scores she did without too much prodding by us.


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