Mini Mu Update

Kaitlyn had some good news recently at the end-of-the-year party for the Mini Mu team, and Amber and I could not be any prouder (more proud?) of her.

She was extremely excited when she got in the car one afternoon recently, more so than usual.  I asked her how her day was, and how the Mini Mu party went, and she could barely contain herself.  It turns out that she had done better than she thought at one of the events.

Back at the first competition in December, Amber and I were just happy that Kaitlyn did her best and competed in the competition; it was certainly pretty far outside of her comfort zone.  But, she was among her peers, and she seemed to be in her element.  And, as we found out recently, she picked up an award for her efforts.

In that competition, Kaitlyn finished 42nd among the 4th graders (top 50%).  Knowing she did as well as she did was a real confidence booster for her.  Too bad there are no more competitions until next school year.  42


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