From Her Heart

The big day is finally here!  Today is Jen’s wedding day.  As you read this, the vows have been said, and the reception has already begun.

The path to today was not always an easy one for Kaitlyn.  When she first found out Jen was moving, she was crushed; after our visit in December, everything changed.

Kaitlyn wanted to do something special for Jen and Ethan for their wedding, to give them a present that was from her heart (because she is thoughtful like that).  On her own, she wrote each of them a poem, which we framed and gave to them.

For Jen, a poem titled “You and Me”:

You make my world brighter
Making me shoot higher
My smile
Lasted a while

When you moved away
I wasn’t thrilled
But I realized you had your way
My happiness wasn’t as chilled

I was happy
I got to see you
That one weekend with you
Was the best one I ever had

And for Ethan, a poem titled “Scoring in North Carolina”:

The Panthers roaring
Or the Heels running real fast
Either way
Carolina builds champions

Cam Newton celebrating
Or Michael Jordan’s legacy
Basketball or football
All stars belong in North Carolina

ACC Championships
Or Super Bowls
North Carolina builds champions
No matter what!



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