Made Her Day

Toward the latter half of the week, Amber and I could tell that Kaitlyn wasn’t feeling like herself.  She was dragging just a little, and really didn’t have her usual pep.  One big clue for us was that the house was quieter than usual…anytime Kaitlyn is overly quiet, something is up.

When I got home from work Thursday, Kaitlyn was laying like a zombie on the couch.  The prospect of her going to school Friday seemed slim at best.  Amber and I began planning who would be the one to pick her up, and I was going to be on call.

Kaitlyn woke up Friday feeling just well enough to go to school, and Amber and I both figured the call would come sooner or later.  In the drop off line, Kaitlyn mentioned to me that she was going to do her best to make it until lunch.  This had the potential to cause some scrambling on my end since I knew that Kaitlyn was going to have a surprise visitor for lunch.

Since coming back to town at the beginning of January, Kaitlyn’s big sister Jen has been extremely busy planning her wedding.  Kaitlyn has had plenty of input and ideas, but the two of them seemed to keep missing each other when it came to free time.

Last Monday, I texted Jen to ask if she could surprise Kaitlyn one day this week for lunch.  Great minds must think alike, because she was already in the planning stages.  Friday turned out to be the day that worked best for her, and it took everything we had for Amber and I to play along like we had no idea; we even packed Kaitlyn her regular lunch Friday, knowing full-well that she wasn’t going to need it.

As I was enjoying my lunch Friday, I got a text from Jen that read “totally surprised Kait.”  I knew right then that Kaitlyn’s day, and her week, were made.  The return text I got from Jen when I told her as much made me extremely happy…it had made her day, too.

Kait_Jen_3I have written several times in the past about the bond the two of them have, and Amber and I cannot say it enough how much we love having Jen (and her family ) in our lives.  The impact that she has made, and continues to make, on Kaitlyn has been tremendous; outside of the two of us, there is nobody who has had a greater influence on Kaitlyn than Jen has.

Kaitlyn is extremely excited about Jen’s wedding next weekend, and she can’t wait for Jen’s future husband to join the family.  In fact, she has something very special in store for them.


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