Another Year of Believing

Santa-Claus-Pics-0302There will be a time, probably in the near future, that Kaitlyn will no longer believe in Santa Claus.  Fortunately for Amber and I, that time has not come.

While more and more of her classmates stop believing, Kaitlyn, and some of her friends, have held on to the belief that Santa will be paying them a visit tonight.  And for that, we are very thankful.  As a child’s belief in Santa erodes, so does their childhood, at least in my opinion; they become one step closer to being adults, and I don’t know of too many adults who wouldn’t trade their daily responsibilities and stresses for just one day of being a kid again.

For as advanced as Kaitlyn is in so many areas (if you’ve ever gotten a text from her, or read an email she wrote, it is like they were from a well-read adult), and how aware she is of the world around her (she is still concerned about ISIS), we love that she still holds tight to this one aspect of childhood that so many are quick to want to move past.  Sparkle

In addition to still believing in Santa, Kaitlyn also loves her daily notes from her Elf on the Shelf, Sparkle.  She looks forward each morning to finding her and reading the note she left her, and she writes back most nights before bed.  This year, Kaitlyn has shared with Sparkle her feelings on some of her friends not believing in magic, her sadness over Jen moving (we all miss her), her nervousness about her first Mini Mu competition, and so much more.  She is sad that Sparkle will be leaving tonight, too.

RooWhen Kaitlyn found out this morning that Santa was in Australia, she responded by saying that she hoped that he saw Roo while he was there.  We will be following Santa’s progress pretty much all day, and will check one more time before bed tonight.

Amber and I will go to bed tonight happy and content that we were able to squeeze another year of belief out of Kaitlyn, knowing that time will come soon enough (way too soon) where she will no longer hold onto the innocent childhood belief in Santa and all things Christmas.


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