Almost Time, Getting Nervous

MathSince late October, Kaitlyn has been getting ready for her first Mini Mu competition.  At least once per week, she would spend about an hour after school working on practice tests and honing her math skills.  All of that practice will finally pay off this weekend.  Kaitlyn has her first math competition this weekend.

We had our last parent meeting this afternoon, where we went over the itinerary for this Saturday.  Basically, there are two distinct competition themes, then several “lightning” rounds, where 5 students from each school will compete in specific areas: Prime Off-students have 5 minutes to write down as many prime numbers as they know in order, from smallest to largest; 24-students have to make 24 out of a set of numbers, using only the basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division); Speed Math-students, and any parent or sponsor, are given 15 minutes to work 25 problems; Mental Math-students and and parent or sponsor are given 8 minutes to work 40 problems, and are not allowed to make any marks on the paper.

Kaitlyn said she is nervous about the competition.  She is holding herself to a very high standard, and is worried that she will let us down.  There is no way she will let us down, as long as she does her absolute best.  Of the extra events, Prime Off, 24, Speed Math, and Mental Math, Kaitlyn has her heart set on participating in the Prime Off.

No matter how well she does this weekend, Amber and I are going to be proud of her.  She is stepping outside of her comfort zone, while applying herself in an area she clearly excels.


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