Getting Organized

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, Amber and I recognized the need to move some stuff around inside the house so that we can hit the ground running this weekend when it comes to decorating for Christmas (steadfast rule in our house to not decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving).  Since we have added furniture this year in the form of two recliners, we will have to be more creative on furniture placement/rearrangement as we start the decorating process.

The first part of the process involved moving a few tables to new locations, and moving a bookcase.  Moving the bookcase allowed us to address what has basically become a dumping ground of sorts for us, so we undertook the task of taking all the books off of the shelves.

BooksOnce the bookcase was moved, Kaitlyn and I figured it would be a great time to organize the books stored on there a little better than they were.  It is a small bookcase, just two shelves, but it still needed some significant organization!

While I was organizing my shelf, by subject since I do not have too many books by the same author in this particular bookcase, Kaitlyn undertook the task of organizing Amber’s books.  At this point, Amber just decided to leave us to it.

Kaitlyn separated each of Amber’s books by author, and then neatly stacked them up.  Once they were stacked, she had me put them on the correct shelf, in alphabetical order.  If we had wanted to put in a little bit of extra effort, Kaitlyn and I agreed that we would have then organized the books by author in chronological order.  I think we’ll do that another time.

It is not much of a surprise that Kaitlyn happily undertook this task with me.  On the bookcase in her room, her books are organized by series, and then sub-organized in chronological order.  That’s my girl!


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