Mini Mu

It has been a great start to the second nine weeks for Kaitlyn.  She was selected to be a safety patrol, and she is going to take that role very seriously.  Even better, at least in my opinion, is that she was invited to participate on the school’s Mini Mu team.

The Mini Mu team is comprised of students who have been identified as excelling in math.  Kaitlyn certainly fits the bill there.  They will practice a few times per week, right after school, and will have at least two competitions.  Math

Kaitlyn is really excited to have been invited to be on the Mini Mu team, and I think it speaks to her love of learning and how much she really enjoys math.

Practice starts this week, and the first competition is in December.  Amber and I excited for the challenge this will present to Kaitlyn, and look forward to seeing her grow; being part of a team such as this will also help her open up even more and gain a ton of self-confidence.  We look forward to (quietly, probably) cheering her and the team on at their competitions.


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