Safety First

The first nine weeks is in the books.  Kaitlyn will bring home her report card later this week (you know what that means…a post about her grades and teacher comments of course!), and her AR goal resets (she needs 30 points this nine weeks).  It also means that her time with the Pony Express has come to an end; she really enjoyed helping out.

With the new nine weeks, Kaitlyn has been selected to a new leadership role at the school.  She is going to be a safety patrol this nine weeks!  It was her first choice for the first nine weeks, so for her to get selected for this nine weeks means a lot to her.  And she plans on taking it seriously, too.  Patrol

Throughout the first nine weeks, she would spend a few days each week during after school helping out with the kindergarten students, getting some practice in.

This morning, I could tell that she was nervous before we even left for school.  She was concerned about doing a great job.  Amber and I know she will.  She even put on her safety patrol belt before we even left the house.

Kaitlyn has grown so much so far this school year.  Taking on these leadership roles at school is forcing her to come out of her shell some, and forcing her to work on social interactions and relationships.  She will only benefit from her experiences.


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