Who Will I Rely On Now?

The tears flowed, off and on, well into the night last night for Kaitlyn as she really began to digest yesterday’s news.  Really, it was a mixture of emotions for her, from happiness to extreme sadness.  Amber and I have never seen her shut down the way she did after hearing the news, either.

Amber and I altered Kaitlyn’s routine a little last night, hoping to help her understand the changes that are coming in the very near future.

As I wrote last night, Kaitlyn’s relationship with Jen is a combination of best friend and big sister/little sister.  Jen has been there for Kaitlyn (and us) on countless occasions.  And because they are so close, Jen has pretty much become Kaitlyn’s closest confidant (because all 9 year olds need one!).  So when she asked us, “who will I rely on now?,” it was just a tad difficult, because for as much as we want Kaitlyn to come to us with everything, there is something to be said for having that one trusted person who you can turn to no matter what.

We made some progress into explaining to Kaitlyn that Jen will still be a huge part of her life, just from several hours away now.  They plan on Skyping and Facetiming at least once per week, and Kaitlyn plans on texting her even more frequently now (using proper grammar and sentence structure of course).  There will be road trips to see Jen, too (she would be smart to find a spot for their “dates” rather quickly).

Mostly, we worked on letting Kaitlyn know that the best thing she can do is be happy for her friend, and support her friend.  It is ok if she cries and is sad about the move, too.

These next few weeks and months are going to be tough for Kaitlyn.  Amber and I already have her looking forward to January, when Jen will be back for the whole month, and they can catch up on so much.  Until then, however, she will have to settle for relying on Jen from a distance.



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