Kait_JenKaitlyn doesn’t handle change well.  That, of course, is no secret.  Needless to say, she is not handling this change well at all.  But she will, in time.

Since the day after she was born, Kaitlyn has had an adopted big sister.  Jen was one of the first people to hold Kaitlyn in the hospital, and to see how she doted over her when she came to visit, Amber and I hoped that she would always be a big part of Kaitlyn’s life.  And she has.

More than any other person outside of Amber and I, Jen has helped to shape Kaitlyn into the amazing little girl she is today.  Her sense of style is all Jen, too.  Kaitlyn adores and looks up to her in ways that will melt your heart, and we know Jen feels the same about her.

Today, Jen came over to share some news with Kaitlyn.  Amber and I were already somewhat prepared for some of the news, but we were not prepared for everything.

Jen came over to share big news with Kaitlyn…the news that Kaitlyn will soon have someone she can help take care of the way that Jen has helped with her.  Kaitlyn was excited to learn that Jen is pregnant.  She was even more excited when Jen asked her to be a special part of her wedding (Amber was excited to be asked, too).

Kait_Jen_3But there was more news, which Kaitlyn did not handle that well.  Her friend, her big sister, the person she adores probably more than anyone other than us, is moving.  To Charlotte.

To say that Kaitlyn was devastated would be an understatement.  She was crushed.  To her, Jen is supposed to always be a phone call and a mile away, but that is all changing soon.

It was heartbreaking to see Kaitlyn shut down when she heard the news that Jen is moving away.  All that the three of us could do, and what Amber and I will continue to do, is talk about all the positives of the move, and remind Kaitlyn that Jen will always be a huge part of her life.

It is going to take some time, but Kaitlyn will be ok.  She will have her ups and downs not having her big sister right around the corner, but she’ll get there.  Amber and I know, and Jen knows, that Kaitlyn will always keep her close in her heart; the bond the two of them have is amazing, and a few hundred miles is not going to weaken it one bit.  The two of them have shared so much and have so many memories, and there will be so many more made, and they will be even more special.

Amber and I are very thankful to Jen for the impact she has had on Kaitlyn’s life, and on our family.  We are excited for what the future holds for her.




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  1. […] tears flowed, off and on, well into the night last night for Kaitlyn as she really began to digest yesterday’s news.  Really, it was a mixture of emotions for her, from happiness to extreme sadness.  Amber and I […]

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