School Update

“Kaitlyn is such a joy to have in our class.  We love her.  She is so well-behaved…”

We had our annual parent-teacher conference with Kaitlyn’s teachers yesterday, and those were among the first words we heard when we sat down.  Amber and I had to check with them to make sure they were talking about our kid, just in case they had picked up the wrong file (kidding!).

In all seriousness, it is always nice when we go to the school and talk to Kaitlyn’s teachers (or really anyone who works there) and they tell us how much they enjoy her being there.  And when it comes to her teachers, it is even better when we hear how respectful she is, and how much progress she has been making.

We’re just about a month into the school year, and Kaitlyn is already exceeding most of her benchmarks.  She is above grade level in reading (she’s already at a 5.5 level, or about where a 5th grader would be halfway through the year) and in math (she’s at about a 5.0 level).  She’s understanding concepts like she is supposed to, and is progressing nicely.

In true Kaitlyn fashion, she is also sure that schedules are kept, and she will happily (and constantly) remind her teacher what days she has Pony Express duties.

Overall, 4th grade has gotten off to a great start, and Kaitlyn is adjusting wonderfully.  She has an A in every subject so far, and is really making a good impression.  Amber and I are really proud of the work that she puts in to doing her best in school, and we really enjoy partnering with her teachers to make sure she is challenged and doing her best.



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