Solving the Equation

I was checking with Kaitlyn one day last week, making sure that she had finished up her homework for the night (for the record, she usually gets it done before I get home from work, but I picked her up earlier than she is used to that day).  Of course, she had finished her assignments and was ready to decompress a little bit.  But not before she shared something that made her very proud of herself.

As I was leaving the dining room, she called me back in for just a second to tell me about something that she did at school that day.  That was unusual, because it is next to impossible to get too much information out of her most of the time.  That day, she just had to tell me about a little challenge her teacher presented to the class: who wants to try some algebra (note, I know that the picture to the right is a little more than mere algebra)?

mathOf course, Kaitlyn had to give it a try.  According to her, only one or two other students were willing to even make an attempt.

There were four equations that the teacher asked them to solve.  I can see where that might be overwhelming to a vast majority of 4th graders, especially during the third week of school.

Kaitlyn took a swing at solving all four equations.  While she didn’t get them all correct, she was happy, and Amber and I were happy and proud, that she was able to get two of the four equations correct!  She was so proud of herself, and with good reason.

It is remarkable that Kaitlyn still astounds us on a daily basis.  The fact that she even gave algebra a try, knowing that she would most likely not get all of the answers correct, shows us that she is continuing to get more and more self confidence.  She is at her best when she is in learning mode, and when she can share what she has learned with us.

For now, we will continue to encourage her to develop her math skills, and we will work on algebra with her if she wants (we might have to enlist the help of a certain algebra teacher we know at some point) and encourage her to continue to push herself.


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