Pony Express

The Thursday before the first day of school, we went to meet Kaitlyn’s teacher and get her signed up for the after school program, just like we do every year.  This year, the school had a setup of different “leadership” positions for students to apply to.  Much to our surprise, Kaitlyn applied for three positions.

Pony-express-statueWe found out this week that Kaitlyn has been selected to participate in the “Pony Express” at school.  Several times per week, she will be part of a team of students who will get to deliver mail and stuff to teachers and administrators.  It will be a good way for her to meet even more of the teachers and will force her to come out of her shell even more.  Amber and I are excited that it will help with her social skills and social development.

Because there was such a high demand for so many of the positions, Kaitlyn will still have a chance to experience (if she is selected) the other two she applied for, safety patrol and media center aide.

Kaitlyn is really excited to start her new role next week, and Amber and I are excited for her.


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