Off To A Great Start

Well, that didn’t take long.

Kaitlyn just started school last week, and she is already off to a great start.  She seems to like her teachers and her classmates, and is even more excited than usual about what the year will bring.

She also threw out a little bit of a challenge to a classmate (not directly, she relayed it through his mom, who was Kaitlyn’s first grade teacher) when it comes to AR points.  She is determined to get more points than him this year, and that will be quite the challenge since he is usually one of the students near the top every year.

Open-BookThey did their baseline testing for grade level AR and initial point goal last week, and Kaitlyn was given a goal of 15 points for this grading period.  As of Friday, she was already at 11 points, with an average grade level of books read of 5.3; she has already read 66,258 words, and that is only counting from the books she has taken a quiz on, not what she reads for fun at home.

I don’t know, and I am not especially concerned, if she will fulfill her goal of beating her classmate in AR points this year.  Amber and I will certainly encourage her to do her best to do so, but we are really more concerned with her staying motivated and doing the best she possibly can.  She is off to a great start!


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