Back To School…

Wow, where did summer go?!?  It seems like just yesterday Kaitlyn was starting summer camp, and here she is today, starting 4th grade.


We met Kaitlyn’s teacher last Thursday, and we are very encouraged by her enthusiasm, and Kaitlyn seemed to like her, too.  We think that this is going to be another great year for her.  She is going into the year with a goal of beating one of her classmates in AR points, which will be a tall task considering he accumulated over 300 last year; we’ll be happy if Kaitlyn just continues to advance in her reading and vocabulary and gets as many points as she can–if she gets more than her classmate, that is a bonus.

Kaitlyn will have her first gifted teacher again this year.  She had her for the end of second grade, right after she entered the program, and then had two different (and great) teachers for gifted last year.  Amber and I are excited about Kaitlyn being even further challenged this year.

We should find out early on whether or not Kaitlyn was selected to one of the leadership roles she applied for: safety patrol, media center aide, and “Pony Express.”  If she gets one, two, or all three (I doubt the school will overload kids, but I guess we will see), it will be a positive step in helping to develop her social skills even more.

While the summer flew by, I am sure that Kaitlyn will have plenty of fond memories, especially our vacation to Panama City Beach (with great company, I might add).  She got to spend time on the beach, in the pool, interacting with dolphins at Gulf World Marine Park, and watching wild dolphins play in the Gulf.  That is all on top of all of the different trips she took during summer camp.  Wild Dolphin



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