A “Cool” Tradition

One of the things that I enjoy the most about the first day of school, other than the huge savings of not having to pay for summer camp anymore, is a tradition that Kaitlyn and I started back when she was in 1st grade.  It is our annual “Ice Cream Night.”

dipped-ice-cream-cones-7So, as you are reading this, Kaitlyn and I are enjoying some tasty ice cream, while she is telling me about her first day of 4th grade.

I don’t know how many more years Kaitlyn will want to have ice cream with me on the first day of school, but I plan on enjoying each and every one until she tells me that she has had enough.  Of course, if I get my way, this cool tradition (see what I did there?) will continue through high school and while she is in college, too.  A dad can dream, I guess.


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