Getting Emotional

There are very few things that make Kaitlyn get overly emotional.  I guess that is a byproduct of Asperger’s; her emotional needle is generally glued in a neutral position.

Of course, that is thrown out the window when it comes to animals.  I’ve noted her affinity for dolphins quite regularly, so anything involving dolphins will peg that needle.  She loves cats and dogs, and loves penguins, too.  But if there were an animal that was on par with dolphins with her, it would be a kangaroo (who am I kidding?  Kangaroos and dolphins are tied for first in her book.).

Yesterday, Kaitlyn saw a picture of an orphaned kangaroo hugging a teddy bear, and it moved her to tears.  She was heartbroken because it did not have a mom and a dad, and I know that if there had been an option for the kangaroo to be adopted, we would have a kangaroo in our backyard soon (if Kaitlyn had her way).  Anyway, the picture is below.



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