Getting Organized

The first day of school is right around the corner.  Next Monday to be exact.  Of course, that means that there is no summer camp for Kaitlyn; which means she gets to spend the every day this week at Amber’s work.  Hopefully she is put to work and made to be productive some, but I have my doubts.

ipadOne thing that Kaitlyn accomplished this week is to organize our iPad.  Because if there is anything that is a must, it is an organized iPad.  She had talked about organizing it while we were on vacation in Panama City Beach last week, but she never got around to it.

That was rectified Monday.

In typical Kaitlyn fashion, she organized the apps and icons in a way that makes the most sense and is pretty efficient.  She created categories, and then within each category, there are individual apps and icons.  Pretty cool.  There are 11 categories on our newly organized iPad:  Contacts, Stimulation, Angry Birds (it gets its own category because we have 3 or 4 versions of it), Music, Photography, Information, Read and Play, Utilities, Imagine, Cool Creative, and Fun and Games.

It will probably take Amber and I quite some time to find everything we need on there, but it makes sense to Kaitlyn, and that is all that matters.


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