Why, School, Why?!?!?

Before school gets out for the summer each year, Kaitlyn has brought home a packet of work to help keep her sharp during the summer months.  Amber and I think it is a great idea and a way to keep the students engaged in the learning process, though Kaitlyn’s thirst for knowledge is never really quenched.

sun-wearing-sunglassesThis summer has been no different.  Open-BookKaitlyn had to read a Judy Blume book and answer some questions about that, and also had additional problems to work on; the packets are really designed for casual learning, not to take up the entirety of the summer for the kids.

As expected, Kaitlyn flew right through the reading assignment, and then sort of poked her way through the other stuff in the packet.  No big deal.  Amber and I didn’t really have to ask her or prompt her to work on her summer packet at all, which saved us a ton of stress.

With summer winding down quickly, time is running out for her to get her packet done.  The other day, Amber reminded her that she had a little bit left to finish in her packet, and by Kaitlyn’s reaction, you would have thought that she was being asked to broker a nuclear treaty.  “Why, school, why?,” Kaitlyn moaned almost before Amber could remind her that she had very little left.  The best way I could describe her reaction would be to say that it was a little less dramatic than Nancy Kerrigan’s after she was clubbed on the knee back in 1994.  Kerrigan

The good news is that Kaitlyn is pretty much, if not completely, finished with her summer school work.  And that means just a little less drama.


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