Beating Out of Her Chest

As is pretty much par for the course here in North Florida, we can count on a few things happening without fail during the summer: it is going to be hot early and for most of the day, and we are going to (most likely) get thunderstorms at some point during the day.  That is kind of the nature of the beast.

This summer, however, we have seen our fair share of really nasty, almost violent storms (although I guess one could consider trees impaling roofs in our area “violent”).  We’ve had a few storms this summer with significant wind gusts, a tornado or two, and lots of lightning and thunder.  Lightning

About a week or so ago, we had one of those storms come through.  We heard it building for quite some time, saw a few flashes of lightning along the way, too.  Nothing out of the ordinary for this time of year.  Of course, that would all change not two minutes after we turned off Kaitlyn’s light for the night.  A huge flash of lightning and a house-shaking rumble of thunder caused a scream to come from Kaitlyn that made the hair on my arms stand up: it was the sound of pure fear and terror.  Before we could even digest what was going on, Kaitlyn came sprinting out of her room, her eyes filled with panic, her heart beating out of her chest.  It took a good 20 minutes before she calmed down enough to go back to her room.

Kaitlyn has never been a fan of thunderstorms.  The flashes of lightning get to her, and the rumbles of thunder really mess with her; loud noises in general cause angst and panic with her.  Until we can figure out a better coping mechanism, it is a safe bet that we have not seen the last of these types of reactions from Kaitlyn.


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