On Time Arrival

“The bus leaves at 7:30.  We should probably leave the house by 6:45.”

Several times per year, especially during the summer when field trips are more plentiful, we hear that refrain, or one similar.  Kaitlyn knows what time the bus departs the school, and she absolutely does not want to miss it.  I get it.  wpid-bravur-wall-clock__29234_PE116289_S4.jpg

Here we are, however, in the middle of our 5th summer taking Kaitlyn to camp, having just completed our 4th school year, and she has yet to come close to missing a bus.  Not even remotely close.

Kaitlyn has this thing about being on time.  She gets it from me.  As slow as she can be most mornings (and afternoons and evenings) when it comes to getting moving, if we have to be somewhere by a certain time, she knows it and helps to make sure we get to where we are going on time.  When it comes to being places at a certain time, she is like a European train schedule.

I guess her adherence to being on time (or way early) is one of the things that is really driven by her Asperger’s.  It is a combination of the structure of an itinerary and the following of a set schedule that gives her some comfort and helps her know what is going on.  With the way she struggles with transitions and changes of schedule, the more closely things are to following a schedule, the better for her.

Oh, and if the bus leaves at 7:30, we won’t be leaving the house at 6:45, not for a one mile drive to the school.



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