Little Moments

While Amber and I may embarrass Kaitlyn a little too easily these days (I did it again Friday night), there are those times, those “little moments,” where we get the chance to enjoy the fact that she is still our little girl.  Last night was one of those times.

In what is becoming an annual tradition, albeit not a great one and one that is a tad late this year, Kaitlyn was laid up sick all day yesterday.  On a day where being in the pool should have been a must, Kaitlyn spent most of the day sleeping on the couch; if there is one way to tell if she is sick, it is when she naps…the kid is just not one who naps ever (she never really has, not even on long car rides).  So while Amber and I worked on prepping the house for her upcoming birthday party, Kaitlyn slept.

At some point, Kaitlyn fell asleep for the night on the couch, and there was no way we were going to wake her up to make her walk to bed (“Get up, it’s time for bed!”).  In comes dad.  I had to find the best way to scoop her off the couch without disturbing her, and then get her into her room without waking her up.  Mission accomplished!  She did stir briefly on the walk into her room, but that was only to wrap her arm around mine.

I’ll take the fleeting little moments we still get with Kaitlyn, knowing at some point, she will be too big for me to carry into her room while she sleeps.  I know Amber and I appreciate every second of being her parents.


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