Way Too Early For That To Happen

Amber and I have both made a critical mistake recently.  In fact, it might be the most critical mistake we have made as parents thus far (I guess that depends on who you ask).  And we both are of the opinion that it is way too early for something like this to have happened, given Kaitlyn’s age.

What was our critical mistake with our daughter who turns 9 soon?

That would be having the nerve to put our arm around her.  In public.  Where people might see.  The nerve!

Ironically, both Amber and I made our respective mistakes while out grocery shopping.  I guess Kaitlyn can never be too careful about when she might see someone she knows (spoiler alert, she never sees anyone she knows while grocery shopping Sunday morning).

It was inevitable that something like this would eventually occur.  The child who we sometimes can’t shake from our hip when we are at the house, wanting us to keep some distance out in public.  I just never thought it would happen so soon.

Being the awesome parents that we are, Amber and I saw this as an opportunity.  An opportunity to see how far we can go to embarrass her.  Turns out, we don’t have to try that hard.  Seems that all it takes is the right song playing on the ’90s channel on satellite radio, and Kaitlyn immediately starts demanding that we settle down.

It won’t be long until Kaitlyn turns 9, and it won’t be long until pretty much everything we do embarrasses her in some way.  Until then, Amber and I will deal with not being able to put an arm around her in public (we will still do it to bug her!), knowing that she is still her sweet self while we are at the house.


4 responses

  1. Haha… This made me laugh! I tell Brad all the time, “what’s the point of having a kid if you can’t mess with them?!” Keep up the good work! 😉

    1. Exactly! No point in having a kid you don’t mess with.

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