A Strong Finish

schoolhouse1It’s hard to believe, but Kaitlyn wrapped up third grade this past Monday.  Third grade.  Time sure has flown.

What a year it was, too.

As usual, Kaitlyn was nervous about the start of the year (the whole “difficulty with transitions” thing), and it got worse before the first day when we found out a good friend of hers had been moved out of her class.  The early part of the year was a struggle for her as she adjusted to new expectations (gifted) and a new teacher with a new way of doing things.  It took a little bit, but Kaitlyn adjusted, and she went from being apprehensive about going to school every day to looking forward to it again, and to really enjoying her “primary” teacher.

Kaitlyn’s first two report cards contained something that she had never seen before on a report card, a “B.”  Amber and I didn’t fret too much about those grades at all, and we knew that she would rebound.  And she did.  She was back to her usual all “A” report card for the third nine weeks.

To top off the year, Kaitlyn had a really strong finish.  In addition to all of her reading achievements (see previous posts), she brought home a report card with nothing but the letter “A” on it again!  She brought home another Citizenship Award, Honor Roll Award, and her achievement ribbons, along with some coupons to a few local restaurants.

sun-wearing-sunglassesSummer is here now, and Kaitlyn will be enjoying a bunch of different of field trips and activities.  She has about 75 days or so to decompress and get ready for 4th grade, and she seems to be pretty excited about it.


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