A Nice Gift

The school year is wrapping up.  Just one more early release day after today.  I can’t express enough how proud Amber and I are of how Kaitlyn did this year.  It was a struggle at times, but Kaitlyn learned how to overcome obstacles and work harder when things were not going her way.

One of the coolest accomplishments that Kaitlyn had this school year was being one of only ten kids in the school to read all of the books on the Sunshine State Young Readers Award list.  One of ten (I counted the names on the board last week).

For her efforts, Kaitlyn brought home a very nice gift from the media center teacher (back in the day, we called them “librarians,” but I think they do more now than just check out books for the kids).  She brought home a $10 gift card to Books-A-Million.  Appropriate, since it was a reward for a reading achievement.  Kaitlyn already has plans on what she is going to buy with the gift card (don’t worry, it’s a book).

As is our custom (requirement?), Amber and I had Kaitlyn write a nice thank you card to give to the media center teacher for the gift card.  Because as we keep reminding her, showing appreciation when people do nice things for you shows high character, and people will remember you for having that quality.  Besides, it isn’t that difficult to have good manners and to thank people for even the smallest of gifts.


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