Memories Made

The school year is coming to a close.  Just two early release days to go, and Kaitlyn is no longer a third grader.  Not sure where all the time has gone, and Amber and I certainly are in no rush to consider how fast the last four years have gone, knowing that the next four will fly by just as quickly.

I came across something the other day.  It is something that Kaitlyn had written and left on the table.  It was not required for school at all, and I think it is just her way of sharing some of what has made the biggest impact on her this year (despite her willingness to share minute details of what she has planned or what she is interested in, she struggles sometimes to express herself in this manner).

These are her words, titled “My 3rd Grade Memories:”

Are cherished forever.  From wax museums to friend fights, I remember them all.  If all my friends cared enough about it, they would go to mileage club with me because true friends do what the other likes.  Multi-cultural feasts are rare to go to.  I was lucky to have one.  I had a poetry breakfast.  I missed a day of school to go to Disney World.  The whole 3rd grade went to the beautiful Jacksonville Zoo.  Saying goodbye to 3 interns and 2 teachers was hard.  As the year comes to a close, I learned 1 thing: true friends care about you at heart.  I am excited about 4th grade about 3 things: Epcot, meeting my teacher, and FSA testing (don’t ask).



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  1. This was awesome… she seems like a cool freaking kid! 🙂 You and Amber should be incredibly proud!

  2. […] the school year wound down in May, Kaitlyn shared what third grade meant to her, and the memories she made.  It was a year of growth for her for […]

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