Stay In School

I don’t think this is what anyone has in mind when they tell kids to “stay in school.”  Although it certainly fits the bill.

As part of the concerted effort to get the students in the school excited about and motivated to read (a lot), a challenge of sorts was presented to the kids at the beginning of the year: if they met a certain reading goal and read a certain number of different types of books (biography, fiction, non-fiction, etc.), they would then be eligible for a special prize.

Kaitlyn easily met the reading goal, but it took her until recently to meet the requirement of reading the requisite number of books in each category.  But she did it, which means she gets to participate in a very special event at the school.

Sleeping BagTonight, Kaitlyn will be spending the night at school.  That’s right.  She has been dropped off already, and will be at the school all night.  She gets to participate in a sleepover at the school.  They will be feeding the students dinner (hopefully not cafeteria food!), and have different fun events set up for them to do.  And what would an event stemming from a reading contest be without the kids spending the night in the Media Center?  Because the best place to corral kids who love to read is in a place where they will be surrounded by books.

Kaitlyn will head from the Media Center tomorrow morning straight to class.  By the time she gets picked up after school, she will have been there for about 22.5 hours or so, and I am sure she will be happy to come home.


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