Almost There!

The finish line is in sight.  And Kaitlyn cannot be happier (for Amber and I, I’m not sure we’re happy with the added expense coming up, but that is just part of it).  Running

The school year is just about to wrap up, and Kaitlyn has made it known that she cannot wait for summer to be here.  Two and a half months of decompressing will be good for her after what has been a stressful (at times) and productive school year that has seen her grow tremendously on the academic side of things (she’s growing like a weed, too).

With school coming to a close, Kaitlyn will start bringing home different recap reports on her progress and where she stands.  These are in addition to her report card, and to be honest, give a better look into how far she has come and where she stands now.

This past Friday, she brought home three separate reports: an AR Diagnostic Report, a language arts report, and a math report.  What those reports showed us even had Amber and I shaking our heads for a minute, and nothing really surprises us with Kaitlyn anymore.

Open-BookThe AR Diagnostic Report basically details her reading level.  Her scaled score on the report, which is based on the difficulty of questions and the number of correct responses, was 904, which put her in level 5.  That is on the upper end of the chart and is the highest level that a student can reach.  Her percentile rank was 97, meaning she scored better than 97% of students nationally in the same grade.  Her grade equivalent is 7.9, which means that her performance is better than that of an average seventh grader after the ninth month of the school year (basically where we are now on the school calendar).  Finally, her Instructional Reading Level is 6.8, which means she is best served by instructional materials prepared at the sixth grade level.  To top it off, she is reading at about 170 words per minute.

CursiveOn her Language Arts report, she achieved 100% mastery of all skills assessed.  Her assigned course level for the year was 3 (third grade), with the requirement that she reach 4 to show that she is ready to advance to fourth grade.  She scored a 5.46.  Each of the sub-levels scored, Comprehension, Grammar, Phonics, Spelling, and Vocabulary, all scored over the 4 level.  Her lowest was 4.85 (Phonics), and her highest was 5.44 (Comprehension).

mathThe Math report had the same format as the Language Arts report as far as assigned course level (3) and required achievement level (4).  Overall, she scored a 4.88 on this report.  She achieved 99% mastery of all skills assessed on this report.  The sub-levels were divided into Computation and Application strands, with Computation consisting of: addition, decimal, division, equation, fraction, multiplication, speed games (fluency), and subtraction; Application consisted of: applications, geometry, measurement, number concepts, probability & statistics, problem solving, science applications, and word problems.

In Computation, her lowest score was 4.65 in the decimal section, and her highest was 5.2 in speed games (fluency).  In Applications, her lowest was 4.6 in number concepts and her highest was 5 in both probability & statistics and science applications.

Overall, not much on the reports that came home, other than possibly how advanced she really is on her reading, came as much of a surprise to us.  We see her work every week and see the effort she puts in to everything, and we see how she never goes anywhere without a book in her hand.  To Kaitlyn, learning really is not a chore at all and it is something she truly enjoys.  Even though she claims she can’t wait to relax this summer, I have a feeling she will continue to better herself.  Amber and I are proud of her in every aspect of what she does, but extremely proud of the student she is and the person she is becoming.  Kaitlyn has learned and continues to learn how to use her Asperger’s to make herself and even better person, and it is wonderful to see every day.


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