A Full Schedule

There are still a few weeks left in the school year, but that hasn’t stopped Kaitlyn from getting ready for summer break.  And by “getting ready,” I mean having her summer pretty much all planned out.  Because that is just her style.

About two weeks ago, we got most of her summer camp lined up all at once.  It was quite easy, actually.  All I had to do was wait in line at her school to get her signed up; since we are signed up for the after school program, we were given “priority” sign up for summer camp.  She’ll be going to camp at her school for all but a handful of weeks.  sun-wearing-sunglasses

Before we even signed her up, we had a great idea what the entire schedule for the school summer camp would be, and Kaitlyn took it upon herself to take the schedule they sent home and work out her plan.  Between out-of-town field trips and “free choice Thursdays,” she is ready.  If you were to ask what she was doing the second Thursday in July during summer camp, she would tell you what she has already decided.

We’ll also be taking a family vacation again this summer (sadly, not a Disney cruise!), and will be spending some time at the beach.  The best part is that we will be joined by another family who we are really close to and their three kids, who Kaitlyn just gets along splendidly with.  I don’t know if we are brave or something else for spending a prolonged time at the beach with four kids, but I know that we will find out soon enough.

Peace SignKaitlyn is, of course, deep into planning her birthday party, too.  It didn’t take her long to settle on a theme, and it is one that fits her: “Wild ’70s.”  We’re already getting stuff together, and Amber has been working hard on getting the decorations to Kaitlyn’s exacting standards.  We’re going to somehow transform our back yard into a “Hippie Haven.”  Should be interesting.

Summer will be here before we know it, and I know that Kaitlyn is ready.  Amber and I are certainly ready, although we are not looking forward to writing that check every  week for summer camp!  Kaitlyn will stay busy, which is a really good thing, but she will also have plenty of time to just relax and unwind from what has been another great school year.



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