Need For Speed

Kaitlyn is a daredevil and a thrill-seeker, no doubt about it.  Car

After our most recent trip to Disney, all she raved about was riding Space Mountain and the Seven Dwarves Mine Train because they are up-tempo rides that whip you around corners.  In fact, anytime we bring up going to an amusement park, she scouts out the roller coasters first to see which ones she wants to ride (all of them) and in what order; she gets disappointed anytime she finds out she does not meet the height requirements, too (which is one of the reasons she has no desire to visit Universal Studios).

BikeOne thing that Kaitlyn loves to do around our neighborhood is ride her bike.  The past week or so has been torture for her because it rained every day.

We have some decent-sized hills around us, at least by North Florida standards, and Kaitlyn loves to ride on them.  She constantly asks Amber and I to ride up to different streets by us, knowing that the hard work of pedaling up a hill is rewarded by a speedy trip back down.

Thus far, Kaitlyn has remained upright on her rides down the hills by our house.  But she had herself a close call yesterday.  Amber took her for a bike ride before I got home, and apparently Kaitlyn had some trouble listening to instructions.  We always ride within earshot of her going down the hills, and yesterday was no different; Amber was riding close to her, reminding her to pump the breaks on the way down.  We tell her that because if she had her way, it would be a all-out ride down, and there is no telling how she would handle that.  Mostly, we don’t want a simple ride around the neighborhood ending with a trip to the ER.  Kaitlyn even admitted to me that she almost ended up in a ditch on their ride yesterday, which is the exact reason why we remind her to pump the brakes and be careful.

There is no taming Kaitlyn’s need for speed, but Amber and I do our best to ensure that she is being as safe as possible.  If the weather holds up this weekend, I plan on riding one neighborhood over to test out some of the hills over there.  I hope they have soft grass, just in case.


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