Untamed For Sure

Amber and I try our best to not equate songs to ourselves or our lives, but sometimes you hear a lyric and it strikes a chord (no pun intended) and you can’t help but think of the same person every time you hear that song.  Recently, that has come in the form of lyrics in the song “Wild Child” by Kenny Chesney (Kaitlyn will be quick to point out that it is not a “new” song for him).

“Looks like royal in a thrift store dress
Keeps my heart and her hair a mess
She goes where the wind suggests she goes, who knows
Got a spirit that can’t be tamed”

from “Wild Child” by Kenny Chesney

Tie DyeOne of the things that Amber and I love most about Kaitlyn is that she is a completely free spirit.  We are convinced that she didn’t get that from us (although we are a wacky pair for sure); no, her free spirit way was established and expertly cultivated by her “big sister” Jen.  Once that seed was planted, it was just a matter of time before it grew, and grow it has.

When we take her clothes shopping, Kaitlyn picks out some of the neatest stuff; it is far from mainstream, and we can pretty much identify what she will want from the second we walk into a store.  Pretty much anything that screams “hippie!” will catch her eye, and Amber and I love that about her.  tribe_kelley-73_RevIf we would let her, and if we could afford it, Kaitlyn would fill her closet with clothes like the ones in the picture on the right.  That is just her style, and that she shares the same style as the wife of Florida Georgia Line singer Brian Kelley is coincidental.

It is going to be a blast for Amber and I to see where the wind takes Kaitlyn in the future.  The sky truly is the limit for her, and we won’t do a thing to stand in her way or try to tame her at all.


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  1. […] Be who you are, and don’t ever let anyone change you.  You are a free spirit, and you are most certainly our “wild child.” […]

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