Planning Ahead

This is not exactly something that can be filed under “Breaking News” or anything, but Kaitlyn is a planner.  Like a serious planner.  To the point where Amber and I have to pump the breaks on occasion so she doesn’t get too far ahead of herself.

For example, right now she is planning not one, not two, but three different events/trips/vacations.  And when I say that she is “planning,” I mean she is full-on planning entire days and entire weeks.

Kaitlyn brought home a pamphlet and registration form for summer camp yesterday.  Like last year, we are sending her to camp at her school for a bulk of the summer.  She gets to be with her friends in an environment where she is comfortable, and with people Amber and I trust.  Wins all around.  In the pamphlet, the entire summer schedule is laid out, and Kaitlyn was already deciding on what her choice was going to be on “Free Choice Thursdays,” and is trying to arrange chaperones for field trips.  We still have about 7 weeks before camp starts.

I shared previously about how Kaitlyn already created a schedule of events for her Spring Break next year, complete with pick up and drop off times, but she has taken it a step further now.  Because she is planning on spending time at Disney with Amber’s dad, and because he really never tells her no, she is getting into more specific details on what their days will look like, down to where they will eat dinner each night.  We’ll see how that goes.

And then came the news last night, which was a little surprising, that Kaitlyn wants to spend time next summer in Iowa with Amber’s mom.  It is surprising in that there are quite a few miles between where we live and where they live, and it will be an experience unlike any Kaitlyn has had in the past, but she announced that she wants to go.  As of today, her plan is to spend some of next July up there, which will be nice for her; there will be plenty of parades to see (they do seem to like a parade up there) and she will get to do a ton of stuff outside.  The details of the trip are sort of thin right now, and we have no idea how long she plans on staying up there, or anything like that, but there is plenty of time to figure that all out.

With all of her advance planning, I am a little shocked that Kaitlyn has really not done much planning for our vacation this August to Panama City Beach.  There has been a few times where she has mentioned the trip, but she really hasn’t worked on any details, and that is not like her at all.

I guess we shouldn’t really be surprised by all of her planning.  It gives her a sense of comfort to have structure to her life, and that is fine by us.


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