Still Rolling

schoolhouse1Report cards came home yesterday.  Of course, with Amber and I being able to keep track of Kaitlyn’s grades pretty much in real time, the actual review of the report card was pretty anticlimactic.

For the first time this school year, Kaitlyn did not have a “B” on her report card.  Nope, it was filled with the letter “A” instead!

We hadn’t been too concerned about her science grade the first two grading periods, but we are really happy that she brought it up to an “A” for the third nine weeks.  She worked hard to improve her grade, and the effort showed with the result.

In the comments section, Kaitlyn’s teacher noted that she continues to destroy her AR goals and has met or exceeded all third grade benchmarks thus far.

Kaitlyn has just under nine weeks left to go as a third grader.  She has overcome early struggles with adjusting to new expectations and increased workload, and really applied herself and worked to do her absolute best in every subject.  She is still incredibly hard on herself, but Amber and I have made significant progress in helping her maintain perspective.  It has been amazing to watch her grow this school year.



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