Just A Little Reprogramming

Kaitlyn certainly had a blast on her Spring Break last week.  Between daily bike rides and a trip to Sea World and the American Girl store, it is safe to say that she had a great time.  And Amber and I are happy that she was able to spend some time away from us, which gave her a chance to miss us and for us to miss her.  Kaitlyn has already begun planning for next year’s Spring Break, and from the looks of it, she plans to exceed the fun from this year.  She has even come up with a schedule for the week, but that will have to be approved by us, Amber’s mom, and Amber’s dad before it will be finalized.

Of course, it also gave Kaitlyn a chance to have some additional flexibility with her daily schedule and with what rules were in place.

BinaryKaitlyn being gone for a week also means that Amber and I have to spend some time doing a little reprogramming.  Because she thrives on routine and structure, deviations can be troublesome at times.  Amber and I have come to expect that.

For example, it can take us close to a week to get Kaitlyn back on track after family visits for a weekend; it is both enjoyable and overwhelming to her to have family come visit for any length.  With that knowledge, you can only imagine the uphill climb Amber and I have been on since the weekend.

Most of what has needed work since the weekend has just been getting Kaitlyn back on a regular evening schedule.  It has been somewhat difficult to get her to get unwound at night, and even her reading time has been an adventure, which is way out of character.

I have little doubt that we will get Kaitlyn back on track sooner rather than later.  Hopefully the process will be accelerated since she started back to school today, and will be around her friends and be back to a regular routine.



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