A Familiar Refrain

As her Spring Break steams toward its conclusion, Kaitlyn gets to spend a few days with Amber’s dad and stepmom.  They’ll be visiting Sea World today and the American Girl store tomorrow, so we know that Kaitlyn will wrap up her vacation with a bang.

Amber’s dad picked Kaitlyn up yesterday around lunch so they could head to Orlando for a few days.  And when he called Amber last night, she heard a familiar question: “Does she ever slow down?”  No, she doesn’t.  Apparently, Kaitlyn was a chatterbox from the time she was picked up until the time they got to their hotel in Orlando.  If I had to guess, a lot of the talk was everything Kaitlyn was planning for their excursions today and tomorrow; when she gets going like that, everyone is just along for the ride.

Amber also heard from her mom yesterday after Kaitlyn left, and she echoed what we have been saying all week: with Kaitlyn gone, it is awfully quiet around the house.  For Amber and I, it is sometimes difficult to realize just how much Kaitlyn contributes to the soundtrack of our house; we understand it real quick when she is gone for a week though!

We’ll be heading down to pick Kaitlyn up this weekend, and we are really looking forward to it.  While we have enjoyed a less-hectic daily schedule, and while Kaitlyn has had a great time, it will be nice to get back to our regular routine.  Short of something materializing out of the blue, it will be about 365 more days until we all get another break, until we once again are asked if she ever slows down (no) or stops talking (absolutely not).


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