The Kaitlyn Experience

“Does she ever slow down?”

That is the question that Amber’s mom asked her the other day.  The “she” that she was referring to is Kaitlyn, of course.  As previously noted, Kaitlyn is spending the majority of Spring Break with Amber’s mom, and she is providing them with the full Kaitlyn Experience.

This will be the first time that anyone outside of Amber and I will get a chance to fully enjoy the Kaitlyn Experience.  While she spent her Spring Break with Amber’s mom last year, the Experience was not fully enjoyed by all; it was Kaitlyn’s first time away from home at all, and she was anxious and nervous about being gone, and we don’t believe that she fully enjoyed herself.  This year is already way different.

According to Amber’s mom, from the time the truck door closed and they pulled out of our driveway Saturday morning, Kaitlyn has been going nonstop.  While she finished most of her homework on the drive, it didn’t stop her from being talkative.  Very talkative.  To ride with Kaitlyn (or really to be anywhere with her) is an exercise in running commentary.  Unlike most kids, she doesn’t sleep in the car (never has); she observes everything around here and asks a ton of questions.

BikeThe Kaitlyn Experience also certainly includes plenty of comedy, too.  There was this gem from Monday (in the form of a text to Amber from her mom):

“Went for a bike ride…told her to be careful because she was being crazy…”I’m ok grandma.”…then smack…right into a pile of trash cans.”

When she read it, Amber immediately started to laugh, and I had the same reaction when she showed me.  That is pure Kaitlyn.  When we talked to her Monday night, Kaitlyn placed the blame squarely on grandma’s shoulders, of course.  If only grandma had not talked to her when riding her bike, she wouldn’t have had to turn her head, and then she wouldn’t have run into a pile of trash cans that were filled with leaves.  At least that is her logic; Amber and I have seen her ride her bike, and the possibility of running into a stationary object is always possible.

The Kaitlyn Experience cannot be fully appreciated in one day or a few hours; it is the cumulative effect of being with her 24/7.  It is at once exhausting and exhilarating.  The only way to get the full Experience, the one that Amber and I get all year, is to dive right in.  While we certainly wouldn’t trade it for the world, Amber and I are happy that someone else is enjoying the Experience this week!


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