With Kaitlyn gone for Spring Break, Amber and I get the opportunity to really get her room clean.  It can be extremely difficult to deep clean her room when she is there, especially since Amber likes to take a trash bag or three into the room with her.  This week, however, offers the unabated chance to tackle Kaitlyn’s room (I know what you are thinking: man, those two sure know how to enjoy their week without their daughter there…by cleaning!).

As Amber was sorting through some of Kaitlyn’s stuff on its way to a garbage bag, she came across a poem that Kaitlyn had written.  It is on a strip of paper from one of her American Girl activity books.  It is called “A Poem About My Dad.”

Dad is a hero
and great
Awesome at basketball
Dad is the best.

Short and sweet.  But sometimes, that is all that is needed.


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