A (Much Needed) Spring Break

Spring Break is finally upon us.  And it couldn’t have come at a better time.  At least for Kaitlyn (ok, for us, too).

Between the regular demands of school (homework, tests, etc.), her responsibilities at home, and her meltdown just over a week ago, it is safe to say that Kaitlyn has been looking forward to today, and to the next week, for a while now.

sun-wearing-sunglassesThird grade has been quite an adjustment for Kaitlyn.  She has done great about staying on the honor roll and keeping her grades up, and she has done a great job (for the most part) of handling whatever stress she has from school.  She is good about getting her homework done, even if she is not too happy when she has to correct the mistakes we find, and has excelled again with her AR reading goals.  But Amber and I can certainly see the toll that the stress has taken on her, and it is nice for her to get a break.  It is even nicer that she get the break again this year away from us.

Don’t get the wrong idea, Amber and I love spending all the time we can with Kaitlyn, but it is great for all of us that she gets some time away every once in a while.  Going all the way back to last March, she has spent a grand total of zero nights away from us.  She is very much looking forward to her time away, and we are happy that she is excited about it; there was a time when she would have never even entertained the thought of spending a week away from us.  While sleepovers at her friend’s houses are nice, those are also difficult to come by at times because of scheduling issues.  And with us planting roots with no family nearby, Kaitlyn can’t exactly spend a weekend “away” from us while staying in town.

This week will be a fun one for Kaitlyn.  She will be splitting time with Amber’s mom and stepdad and with her dad and stepmom, and there will be a wonderful mix of activities.  I know for certain that she is looking forward to going on bike rides, possibly a picnic or two, bowling, and doing different craft projects with Amber’s mom.

dolphin11aKaitlyn is also excited about spending a few days with Amber’s dad next week.  Their plan includes heading to Sea World so Kaitlyn can go back to where her love for dolphins started back when she turned five; she almost can’t wait!  While they are in the Orlando area, there is also a plan to visit the new American Girl store for what I assume will be a costly shopping adventure.  The way we see it, if Amber’s dad wants to spend a ton of his own hard-earned money there, more power to him.  Within reason, of course!



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