Sweet Music

MusicWhen it comes to school events, Amber and I do our very best to make sure that at least one of us is in attendance; most of the time, we both go to events because we don’t want Kaitlyn looking out into the audience and not see us (I am probably a tad easier to spot than Amber is).  We have been to plays, concerts, Boosterthons, and field days.

This morning, we had the good fortune to attend the third grade keyboard recital.  The grade was split into 6 groups, and each group, which was for the most part an individual class, played two songs they had been working on during music class.  Once their performance was over, the students stayed to watch the other classes perform.  Kaitlyn’s class was third to go.

I am no musical expert, but I think the entire third grade did an excellent job with their songs.  Amber and I knew that Kaitlyn was nervous, but that was somewhat offset by her knowing that we would both be there to support her.  As luck would have it, Kaitlyn’s keyboard was pretty much dead center in the front row.  In true Kaitlyn fashion, she was focused on doing the best she could; she’s certainly not the most musically-inclined child in the world, but she puts forth tremendous effort to ensure that she is doing everything she is exactly how she was taught, and that is what she did today.

Amber and I gladly attend every event we can because we know it is important for Kaitlyn to have family and/or loved ones there to support her; she is shy by nature, and I think having us there gives her the confidence she needs to relax and enjoy what she is doing.  There are only going to be so many of these events that Kaitlyn will participate in while she is in school, and we want her to know that she can count on us being at each and every one.


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