One Million Words (And Then Some)

No, I am not talking about the length of this post!

You can look back at any number of the posts on here where I wrote about Kaitlyn and her love for reading.  And how she destroys her Accelerated Reader (AR) goals each nine weeks.  And how she has already done so this nine weeks (she surpassed her goal for this nine weeks in less than two weeks).

After her most recent test, Kaitlyn has read over 1 million words since the start of the school year!  And that is only taking into account books she has tested on for AR, not books she has read at home just for fun.  Open-BookThat is quite the number.

In total, Kaitlyn is at 1,028,615 words read this year.  She has passed 59 AR tests, and accumulated 149.3 points.  According to her, she will be the second student in third grade to complete all of the Sunshine State Young Readers Award books.  Our child truly is a bookworm in the purest sense.

Kaitlyn’s love of reading is most of the reason why Amber and I long ago stopped being surprised at things she says or stuff that she knows.  We just chalk it up to her love of learning.  Sometimes, we will sit on the couch after Kaitlyn has gone to bed and reflect on how special and gifted she really is, and how lucky we are to be her parents.  Today, however, is all about how proud we are of what she has accomplished with her reading again this year, and there are still nine more weeks of school to go!


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