For The First Time (Sadly)

It is extremely hard to believe, and it took me some time over the weekend to think back and realize that it really was this way, but Friday was a first for us since Kaitlyn started in school.

Friday, I got to chaperone one of Kaitlyn’s school field trips.  We went to the Jacksonville Zoo.

I guess what struck me about this being the first time either Amber or I had the chance to go on a field trip with Kaitlyn is that we have always made an effort to do as much with Kaitlyn when it comes to school as we possibly can.  We regularly eat lunch with her, and attend different functions they put on (Boosterthon, field day, etc.), but until Friday, we had never chaperoned a field trip for her.  (Amber has chaperoned at least one summer field trip though!).

The field trip was great, too!

In addition to being responsible for Kaitlyn, I was also assigned one additional student to keep tabs on, and I was fortunate that I was given one of Kaitlyn’s friends; because the girls get along in school every day, it was easy to assume (correctly) that they would do great at the zoo.  Lucky for me, I wasn’t the only parent charged with herding cats, I mean keeping tabs of kids.  The mom of one of Kaitlyn’s friends rode over to Jacksonville with me, and her daughter and another student were with us as well, along with one of the PE coaches.

We saw pretty much everything we wanted to see while we were at the zoo.  Despite the cold, most of the animals were out and active.  We were able to ensure that each girl saw the animal they most wanted to see.  For Kaitlyn, that was the kangaroo (of course).

After a long day of driving to and from the zoo, and walking around the zoo, we made it home just in time to get back in the car for our weekend getaway to Panama City Beach (more on that later).



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  1. […] and planning things to do for her that will stay with her as she gets older.  Since she had a field trip last Friday, we thought it would be a great idea to piggyback on that trip and make a weekend of it, so that is […]

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